What skills to look out for when hiring a “sparky”

Electricity and the contemporary reliance upon it has become a major business and one that we all invest an inordinate amount of money in. The upkeep and maintenance of our electrical systems and its proper functioning is essential to the running of any home or business and so faith in an electrician and the ability to tell a good tradesman from a bad one is key.

This is why understanding what an electrician can and can’t do might give you insight into whether you should hire them or not. So, I hear you ask, just what should you look out for when hiring a “sparky”? Here is a list of start out skills any electrician should be able to do – and do well.

Installing new equipment or rewiring existing equipment

Installation is essential for any tradesman – it is after all what we hire them for. Check point number one is that you need to make sure that any “sparky” you hire is properly qualified and comfortable with installing any new equipment that you deem necessary. This is true for both domestic or commercial environments. It is important that your electrician also tells you whether or not any existing equipment you might want installed is fit for the specific purpose or not.

Repairing, maintaining or replacing heating and cooling systems

In Australia, repairing, maintaining or replacing heating and cooling systems is more important than people might realise, but your electrician being able to service and repair systems that heat or cool your property is an absolute must. Broken heating and cooling systems cost businesses money, and make home life close to unbearable at times. It goes without saying that your electrician needs to be on the ball when it comes to making sure your air con works. And properly.

Installing electrical components like switches and lighting

This sounds simple enough, but being able to do the bread and butter work of an electrician is just as, if not more important, than the more technical aspects of the job. Every qualified electrician should know how to appropriately deal with any issues regarding switches and lighting. These two issues usually take up the majority of an electricians work so they should have no qualms when sorting them out.

Installing alarm systems

An important side point, that is often overlooked, is that a “sparky” should also know how to fit an alarm system. The commercial and domestic risk of a poorly fitted alarm system can most certainly have its consequences, so it is key that you feel confident in your electrician’s ability to fit your alarm system properly.

Being able to understand and work with pre-existing blueprints

It is essential that any electrician you are looking to hire is comfortable at reviewing existing blueprints and can understand and work from them properly. The chances are that the “sparky” you are looking to hire will not have been the person to wire the house that you currently live in and can essentially pick up from where the previous electrician left off.

Following state specific and national guidelines for electrical work

Last but not least, it is imperative that any electrician that you hire is working within the regulations of the state you live in. Do not trust any electrician that does not know state or national regulations and don’t forget to read the reviews – word of mouth or online – other people’s past experiences really do count!