To bracket, or not to bracket?

Does your condenser need brackets?

Customers regularly ask whether it is necessary for their air conditioner’s outdoor unit (i.e condenser) to rest on brackets. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer as each situation is different.

What are brackets?

Wall brackets are simple in design. An adjustable bar allows the width of legs to be moved for different sized condensers. There are a variety of finishes available for brackets including:

  • A zinc plated cream powder coat
  • Stainless steel
  • A galvanised cantilever bracket for the heavier range of units

Benefits of brackets

The key benefit of brackets is that they allow the condenser to rest off the ground. This provides many benefits including:

  • Easier maintenance of the condenser
  • Minimising the possibility of animals and/or flooding damaging the condenser
  • Easier identification of leaks
  • Improved mobility of the condenser (important if you plan on undertaking future construction or renovations)
  • Levelling the unit or uneven surfaces. Keeping the condenser level is important to ensure the condenser works correctly and efficiently.
  • Installing the condenser ‘back-to-back’ against an indoor unit. The ‘back-to-back’ installation is most useful for two-storey buildings and is cost-effective as it reduces the amount of duct pipe required and consequently, reduces the risk of any leaks.
  • Levelling the unit on uneven surfaces. Keeping the condenser level is important to ensure the condenser works correctly and efficiently. The picture below is a condenser levelled by brackets installed for Macquarie Health at Morayfield.

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It’s important to keep in mind that in some circumstances, the use of brackets may not be suited to the mounting material. However, you can still raise the condenser as Mern Industries can fabricate custom-racking to achieve the same benefits as brackets.

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Case Study

At one of our jobs a Toorbul, a tidal surge ruined a customer’s condenser . The building’s walls were thin and would not have held the combined weight of the bracket and condenser. To resolve the issue, a custom-built rack was fabricated to raise the unit 300mm of the ground and the isolator was also raised.

Brackets aren’t necessary for everyone, but should certainly be considered if you are planning future renovations of if you live in a low lying area.

To bracket, or not to bracket? That is the question. However, because everyone’s situation, wants, and needs differ, there is no set answer.

Still unsure? Feel free to contact us to discuss your individual circumstances and/or mounting options.