The benefits of installing a solar system on the roof of your home and business

‘Going Green’ is one of the most popularly used phrases in mainstream media today. But what does it mean? And how could it benefit you and your livelihood? ‘Going green’ is the phrase used for actively seeking to lower the impact your everyday life has on the planet and the environment.

One of the most popular ways Australians are looking to ‘go green’ is by investing in solar panels for their homes and businesses. Understanding the benefits of investing in solar energy might have on either your business or home finances, is the first step in making a change.

Increases the value of the property

High quality solar panels can add genuine value to any property, whether it is a business or family home. Many people looking to invest will undeniably be interested in how energy efficient the property is, and good quality solar panels go a long way in assuring potential buyers of the quality of the space. Warranties on solar panels can be passed from owner to owner, so there is nothing to worry about in terms of ownership and maintenance.

Reduce your carbon footprint

An increasingly important incentive for the modern day Australian is to know they are doing their part to reduce the impact they have on the planet. Often the motivation to invest in solar energy isn’t solely financial, with many looking to lower their carbon footprints. Investing in solar energy is a good way of reducing your household or businesses’ dependency on fossil fuels and in so doing make a genuine impact on the protection of our environment and thus reducing the impact on climate change.

Benefit from government incentives

In addition – the Australian government is actively incentivising those who are looking to invest in solar panels by helping them financially. If you are looking to invest in solar energy then it is a good idea to look into what incentives there are for adding panels to your property. These might change from state to state so check out what the implications are both on a local and national scale.

Reduce the money spent on your energy bills

Solar panels are also a great way of reducing the day to day costs of running a household or business. The growing cost of fuel and energy are a major concern for many Australian households. By investing in solar panels you actively reduce your dependency on fuel, and therefore have less of a need to worry about the increasing cost of an energy source that you don’t use.  By reducing your dependency on fossil fuels you need not worry as much about their price, which continue to rise and rise in price year after year and is directly linked to your electricity expenditure.

Can reduce the impact of blackouts

When using solar power instead of standard grid electricity you have less dependency on the grid. This means that when there is a blackout or brownout in your area you are likely to still have a decent amount of available electricity to use. Because blackouts and brownouts are becoming more frequent the government also sometimes offer solar panel owners the chance to sell electricity back to the grid, which can also be financially beneficial.

Making the conscious decision to move toward the usage of Solar Panels – families and businesses across Australia are not only reaping the individual reward but also simultaneously helping the environment. So in conclusion – GO GREEN!