Grid Connected
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Solar Systems

We specialise in solar system installations in the Moreton Bay region

Grid Connected Solar Systems

We specialise in the design, sale, supply and installation of residential and commercial solar within the Moreton Bay region.

We design, sell and install our solar systems allowing you to avoid the inconsistencies of using sub-contracted installers.


  • Are Clean Energy Council accredited installers guaranteeing quality installations to Australian Standards and Clean Energy Council guidelines
  • Use quality tier one panels, inverters and racking purchased through reputable electrical wholesalers giving you peace-of-mind regarding quality and warranties
  • Install systems that give excellent output, reducing your power bills
  • Specialise in jobs requiring custom fabrication of components for difficult installations

Some solar panel, battery and inverter brands we use

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Canadian Solar

Fronius Inverters

Fronius has a reputation on being the world’s leading string solar inverter manufacturer.  This reputation is based on the service, quality and most importantly reliability. They also act in the interest of future generations by understanding sustainability holistically for 30 years and attach the utmost importance to all aspects of sustainability.

We install Fronius inverters as they are an Austrian made inverter that we find are durable, reliable and have excellent service technicians based here in Australia if ever needed. We can assess your Fronius solar system remotely via the solar web app when your Fronius inverter is connected to Wi-Fi. We will receive a notification should there ever be an issue with your system.

Below is a short video of part of the Solar web monitoring system.

    Solar Aircon Brisbane


    Grid connected solar systems are great to reduce your power bill.

    We supply and install a variety of solar system sizes to suit our residential customer’s individual needs.

    We are the designer and the installer avoiding the inconsistencies and issues that come with using sub-contracted installers.


    Commercial and business customers may require 20kW, 30kW or up to 100kW solar systems.

    We have the experience to design and install the correct size system for your needs.

    Get in touch to discuss your options.

    Solar Systems with Battery Storage

    We have extensive experience installing battery storage systems within the Moreton Bay Region.

    A battery storage system extends your solar options by storing solar energy produced during the day. This allows you to use the stored energy at night reducing your electricity bill.

    We can also install a back-up system to your battery storage. These are extremely useful during power outages.

    Solar System Additions

    Inverter Covers, Cages & Fire Proof Backing Boards Custom Made

    We locally, custom build inverter covers and inverter cages in our fabrication shed in Moreton Bay to suit the inverter being installed with your system. To meet current Australian Standards, you may need:
    • An inverter cover or cage to protect the inverter from the sun and weather, or from unauthorised people having access to the inverter, and/or
    • A fireproof backing board installed where the inverter is being mounted.

    We will let you know during your initial inspection if your inverter requires any of these to meet Australian Standards.

    Inverter Cage Brisbane
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    ” I would like to say how impressed I am with Mern Industries. Everyone in your team has been prompt, very efficient, punctual, informative and friendly. Your service from your office has been wonderful. Tony and his team were clearly competent, fast and informative with the installation of the solar panels and inverter. Their advice as to safety matters was clear and informative. I shall not hesitate to recommend Mern Industries to anyone seeking the services you provide. ”

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    Andrew Bevan