New smoke detector legislation

Only Photoelectric smoke alarms are to be installed in new buildings or as replacements in existing buildings.      

Legislation effective as of 1st January 2017.  

Photoelectric smoke alarms must be interconnected in all bedrooms and hallways. Rental properties: When a new tenant starts a lease or an existing tenant renews the lease, the new code will apply to the property. If there are renovations on the property or the property is sold, the new code will apply. From the 1st January 2017, all rental properties must comply with the new code within 5 years. Building a new home, making significant renovations or selling an existing home, you must comply to the new code as of 1st January 2017. All private homes must comply to the new code within 10 years from 1st January 2017. 10 year Lithium Battery photoelectric smoke detectors may be used in remote areas or where no power is available. These alarms must be interconnected and installed in all bedrooms and hallways.

Fire and Emergency Services (Domestic Smoke Alarms) Amendment Bill 2016