How to reduce your electricity bill

The cost of maintaining a family home or a business continues to grow year after year. The reality of the rising cost of electricity is no shock to us – but what practices can we put in place in order to manage this effectively? Where should we start when looking to make our properties more electrically efficient? A large portion of Australians are turning to these top tips to help them reduce their electricity usages and subsequent electricity bills.  

Triple glazing  

Triple glazing can be a serious investment and is dependent on the specific climate of where you live. The primary goal of triple glazing works to both trap heat inside a property and to prevent external heat from entering.  In the colder months it means that you will be able to spend less energy on heating your property and in the hotter months it means you use less on cooling the property, it’s a win-win situation for those of us reliant on heating and air – conditioning all year round.  


Thermostats are important in keeping the electricity bill of any property down. Knowing how to use your thermostat properly and managing the respective changes in room temperature can drastically reduce the amount you are spending on electricity. By working out comfortable parameters for both heating and cooling your home and sticking within those limits is what is key.  Constantly changing a thermostat up or down takes a considerable amount of electricity. If you have kids in the house, we would also suggest that you keep an eye on how often they play with the buttons – as they might be costing you more money than you realise.  

Practise sensible appliance usage  

Lifestyle convenience is most certainly considered a positive in the average Australian household. In an attempt to manage electricity usage remembering that not every appliance needs to be on standby. You can wait an extra 5 seconds for the TV or additional appliances to turn on, especially when considering the the cost of the electricity it takes to keep your appliances on.  If you’re not in a room the light doesn’t need to be on. Be sensible with your electrical appliances and you will find yourself saving money on your electric bills month on month. Why not research peak times for the price of electricity and operate according to cheaper times, for instance if you can operate larger appliances at off peak times then you should develop a routine of doing so.  

Buy efficient appliances  

Many electrical appliances have efficiency ratings for a reason, and if you take the time to research and invest in efficient appliances you might see a considerable change in your electricity bills.  Even if you do not have efficient appliances it is important to make sure the appliances you use the most are in good condition. Neglecting the condition of appliances, from washing machines to air conditioning units could cost you money if they are not operating at their maximum capacity.  

Go traditional  

Australian weather is famous worldwide and millions of people a year come and visit the nation to bask in the warm weather. Going back to traditional washing methods can reduce the amount of money you spend on electricity, and hanging washing to dry on a line is really not that difficult. Why use an electrical dryer when you can use the sun? It’s free, and it’s often more reliable than a dryer anyway.  Simple reminders are often at the core of reducing our expenditure – especially when looking to reduce of electricity usage. Turn off the lights and only use your electrical appliances when absolutely necessary. We guarantee you’ll see the difference in your next electricity bill!