Grid Connect Solar System

Recently we installed a 5kw grid connected solar system to a home in Nanango. The home owner would like to eventually install battery back up to the system, so we used the Australian designed Redback Smart Hybrid Solar Inverter from Redback Technologies.

The inverter is intelligent, converting either the solar or battery power into usable power for the home. It directs the power you are not using to recharge the batteries or sell the power back to the grid if the batteries are full.

A modern looking inverter, we found the build to be of high quality. It was easy to install and wire with great technical support.

Redback Technologies is a local company, based in Queensland.  

We complemented the inverter with Suntech solar panels. These panels are Tier One panels with a very good reputation for performance. This system will be generating about 24 kw hours per day.